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The Working Capitol’s Stupid Cupid Pub Crawl Ticket

SGD 28.00

No time for roses and chocolates, just shots and burps. We’re clinking our glasses to our exes, wherever the hell they may be today. If you’re in love right now, you’ve got plenty to thank your exes for. If you aren’t, give it a few drinks.

6pm: Welcome drink at the Beer Garden for our heartbreakers and heartbroken

6:45pm: Our first pub, some Sake for your soul at Neon Pidgeon

7:15pm: Next pub, choose from a Rum influenced shot menu at Lime House

7:45pm: Third pub, some Pastis; choice of Ricard or Lillet Blanc at Gaston

8:15pm: Back to The Working Capitol, where you get a drunken tour of our space

8:45pm: To where it all started - The Beer Garden, your final drink, with games and food lined up for you

5 drinks, prizes to be won, kisses to be shared, and top class encouragement for you to ask your eye-candy out then and there - all for $28.

Sound good? Great. Thanks for nothing, Cupid.

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